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Sunfonda Group wins corporate social commonweal award

Four years later, I will gather in Haikou again. 2018 China Automobile Circulation Industry Development Forum officially opened the curtain. Economists, automobile investors, professional managers, automobile manufacturers'sales managers, experts and scholars, international counterparts and representatives of mainstream media from all over the country have joined in a grand ceremony.

 Sunfonda Group, a well-known automobile dealer in China, was founded in 1997. In the 2018 annual meeting of China's automobile circulation industry, he won the award of corporate commonwealwelfare. Thank China Automobile Circulation Association for its recognition and support to Sunfonda Group.

Sunfonda Group will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibility, and in the next few years will strive to create a very distinctive car fashion block, leading the new trend of automobile life.
Finally, congratulations on the 2018 China Automobile Circulation Industry Annual Conference and international forum successfully held in Haikou.


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